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La visión de Wikipock es ofrecer la enciclopedia colaborativa más grande del mundo en cualquier clase de aparato móvil. Consigue integrar una memoria a bajo precio, la potencia de los teléfonos y una memoria y tecnología de compresión muy optimizadas. La información siempre está disponible sin necesidad de conexión

"Wikipock" es una combinación de la palabra "Wiki", una famosa plataforma colaborativa de gestión de contenidos y "pocket".

Wikipock está actualmente disponible para Windows Mobile, BlackBerry®, Android™ y Symbian®.

Está previsto el lanzamiento de las versiones iPhone/iPod muy próximamente.

La tecnología de Wikipock también está disponible en marca blanca.

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Artículos de prensa

Lo que se ha dicho de Wikipock:

  • WikiPock Will Put An Entire Copy Of Wikipedia In Your Pocket For $10 (@ TechCrunch - English)
    “The application lets you search and read Wikipedia articles on your mobile phone without an Internet connection. It can be downloaded directly, or on its own microSD card.”
  • Planet of the Apps: Wikipedia (@ The Times - English)
    “It's still really cool to be able to carry a real-life 1.7 billion-word Hitchhiker’s Guide around on your phone.”
  • WikiPock – Carry Wikipedia in your pocket (@ Nokia5800 - English)
    “WikiPock is a must have application.”
  • WikiPock - Puts the Wisdom of Wikipedia in your Pockets (@ Tube5800 - English)
    “WikiPock is such an amazing app that we still cannot get our hands off it even after playing with it for like a week now.”
  • App Review: WikiPock (@ AndroidGuys - English)
    “I highly recommend it for anyone that wants their Wiki information fast and without all the fluff.”
  • WikiPock Review (@ PDA-247 - English)
    “It is the kind of application you will re-visit time and time again and has proved invaluable and a source of fascination to me over the past few days”
  • - Knowledge In Your Pocket (@ KillerStartups - English)
    “This is a very interesting tool you can use in order to get all the information you need from Wikipedia in a very simple, effective, and fast way.”
  • Review: WikiPock for Windows Mobile (@ AllShadow - English)
    “WikiPock is simple in concept but powerful in delivering.”
  • Wikipedia On Your Mobile With WikiPock (@ Tech Journal - English)
    “If you are a constant user of Wikipedia and would want to access its pages even while on the move, WikiPock for your Windows Mobile or Blackberry smart phones and gadgets would be a wonderful app to consider.”
  • From the JAMM Store: WikiPock Plus for Windows Mobile (@ JAMM - English)
    “When I first started WikiPock, I was pleased to see the program load quite quickly. The program scanned for the database files and found them in just a few seconds, something that I wasn’t expecting.”
  • Back to School: Mobile Apps (@ AppScout - English)
    “Need to find out phagocytes are and why they are in your body? Well upload this handy app to find out. No internet or data connection required this application uploads Wikipedia articles all stored in your mobile phone's memory.”
  • All of Wikipedia with No Internet Connection: WikiPock (@ - English)
    “Once you tap on a match, the article comes up quickly, and you can navigate forwards or backwards as you continue to read more articles.”
  • Video: All of Wikipedia on Your Phone with WikiPock (@ YouTube - English)
  • Wikipedia on your smartphone with the WikiPock app (@ The Digital News Room - English)
    “WikiPock allows using the online encyclopedia Wikipedia on Windows Mobile and BlackBerry smartphones, in off-line mode and in the form of an app rather than via a Web browser coupled with a mobile Internet connection.”
  • WikiPock - Wikipedia in your pocket (@ Mobility Site - English)
    “I have found it quite useful and a battery saver. I find I use it every day.”
  • Tout Wikipedia offline sur votre téléphone portable pour 10$ avec WikiPock (@ TechCrunch - Français)
    “vous payez en fait pour un accès offline, un format adapté mobile et une recherche ultra-rapide.”
  • WikiPock : Wikipedia sur son smartphone (@ Mobinaute - Français)
    “il est possible de choisir quelles langues seront installées sur le téléphone”
  • Wikipedia sur smartphone avec l'application WikiPock (@ Zone Numérique - Français)
    “WikiPock permet à l'encyclopédie en ligne Wikipedia d'être utilisée sur les smartphones Windows Mobile et BlackBerry en mode hors ligne et sous la forme d'une application plutôt que via un navigateur web accompagné d'une connexion internet mobile.”
  • WikiPock, ou l’encyclopédie in the Pocket (@ Idealo - Français)
    “En plus de cette application encyclopédique, WikiPock propose deux autres outils : le Wiktionary, un dictionnaire, et Wikiquote, un répertoire de citations.”
  • La Wikipedia se puede descargar en el móvil por diez euros (@ EL PAÍS - Español)
    “Con WikiPock no hace falta conectarse a Internet para acceder a la enciclopedia, la llevas toda en el móvil.”
  • WikiPock pone a Wikipedia offline en tu celular (@ - Español)
    “La empresa ofrece una copia de Wikipedia para consultar offline por 10 dólares”
  • WikiPock, Wikipedia offline en tu móvil (@ - Español)
    “Lo bueno de éste servicio es que hace accesible a todo el mundo con Wikipedia, ya que los que tengan Internet podrán verlo on-line, pero los que no dispongan de ello podrán acerlo de ésta forma.”
  • La Wikipedia en tu móvil: WikiPock (@ Buzz.Movil - Español)
    “La aplicación permite acceder a todo el contenido de Wikipedia, incluso allí donde no haya conexión a internet.”
  • WikiPock bringt Wikipedia auf den BlackBerry (@ BlackBerryInsight – Deutsch - Deutsch)
    “Ist WikiPock einmal installiert ist es nicht mehr nötig eine Internetverbindung zu haben, um Wikipedia auf dem BlackBerry zu haben.”
  • Wikipedia unterwegs: WikiPock (@ - Deutsch)
    “Die Wikipedia ist aus dem Alltagsleben kaum noch wegzudenken: ein schier unerschöplicher Quell kombinierten Wissens zu allen möglichen Themen. Der Nachteil unterwegs: Man benötigt immer eine Online-Verbindung.”
  • Wikipedia® w twoim PDA i telefonie (@ - Polski)
    “Gdybyś chciał korzystać z Wikipedii w biegu, ale nie chcesz płacić za transfer danych. Możesz kupić WikiPock program, który posiada całą bazę internetowej Wikipedii.”
  • WikiPock. Wikipedia in tasca! (@ mobile - Italiano)
    “Interessante davvero, come progetto, e nemmeno troppo esoso, visto il costo (9,99€). Forse ho finalmente trovato qualcosa di produttivo da fare durante gli spostamenti in treno ed i lunghi viaggi.”
  • Wikipedia sul telefonino (@ Cellulare Magazine - Italiano)
    “L’enciclopedia del popolo di Internet è ora disponibile in versione pocket su memory card da 4 GB”
  • WikiPock - A Wikipédia Offline e Portátil (@ MUIOMUIO.NET - Português)
    “A aplicação desenvolvida pela WikiPock permite navegar pelas páginas e pesquisar conteúdo sem ser necessário uma ligação à internet.”